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“…The remarkable megalithic burials of the Iron age and the structures built in honour of the dead called ‘pethu’ by the locals fascinated the entire crowd. Deciphering inscriptions on the highway by a Trade Guild that brokered a peace deal between warring communities using its good offices with the Pandya king, with the intent to sustain a business interest (the Spice Trade) of the Medieval era speaks of how practical people were in that period. The day ended with a high tea at the Tranquil Nest! Day 2, was a colonial trail that began with studying the Sun on a day dedicated to the Sun God, that incidentally was a New Moon Day! With palpable excitement around an enlightening tour of Asia’s oldest Solar Observatory, followed by a peep into the shared Swedish German heritage i.e. the TELC Jubilee Church, La Salette Matha Church the travellers got a glimpse of the years that went past Kodi in its colonial hay days…”

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